About LightWire

LightWire is a technology services business focused on bringing to small businesses a level of technology expertise, experience, and sophisticated services historically accessible only to large enterprises.

LightWire was founded in 2005 by Ian Findlay, whose long career as a technology consultant, manager, and innovator positioned him to observe how small businesses continually struggle to effectively and efficiently manage the technology within their companies.

Since running a small business typically means that the staff wears ‘many hats’ and perform many different jobs, the job of managing IT is frequently given to the person who knows the most about it. With LightWire, you can turn over that responsibility to a highly skilled team at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time employees.

With LightWire, your company not only gains access to skilled people to manage your company’s technology, but also to a suite of services typically reserved for larger organizations – from hosted applications to collaboration tools to offsite data backup, you can quickly increase the impact technology has on your company and its customers. Since LightWire purchases equipment and software on behalf of all of its clients, we can leverage our increased purchasing power to deliver lower prices and flexible billing schedules on hardware and software purchases.