Calling all iPhone users with iOS 6.1 – time to update!

If you own an iPhone and use it to sync with your Exchange email and calendar, make sure you update from iOS 6.1 to 6.1.2 to fix a bug that can cause excessive traffic to your Exchange server.  In small batches it may not be noticeable but can negatively impact your server and thus, ability to send and receive email.  This is the second major, and well know bug in Apple’s Active Sync implementation (Active Sync is how your mobile device syncs messages with the Exchange email server).  The first major bug (if you don’t count the original iPhones inability to use Active Sync at all) allowed those who had delegated their calendar to another person to “hi-jack” meetings and cancel the entire meeting even if that person did not originally create the meeting.  I have seen first hand how that bug can cause confusion for everyone including IT departments.  In the case of this most recent bug, Apple moved quickly to provide a fix where as the calendar hi-jacking bug survived through several versions of iOS.