Don’t go free for security software – the importance of a quality anti-malware solution

So much of our lives (personal and business) runs through technology that anti-virus, or anti-malware tools are more important than ever (did I mention its actually required by the state of Massachusetts if you are a business that has Personal Information about a resident of Massachusetts, so all/most of your employees?).  The software vendors behind these tools have done a very good job over the last 10 years at improving and protecting our computers, so much so that I have started to see an alarming trend – people and business relying on free software to protect the very computers they rely on to operate their business.  PC Magazine did a review of the major anti-virus providers and Microsoft’s free security tool for businesses (with less than 10 computers) ranked dead last in effectiveness.  This comes just 2 months after Security Essentials lost is certification from an independent lab.

So what are businesses to do?  Well you may have noticed in that fancy infographic… wait you didn’t click the link?  Okay the infographic below, that Norton Internet Security (made by Symantec) was the top ranked product and LightWire is a Symantec partner.  For just $2 per computer/mo.  you can have a fully managed and automated anti-virus tool on all of your computers.  If you are interested in adding this solution to your account give us a call or email Ian or Jon.

PC Magazine Anti-Virus Review