LightWire provides Managed Services to companies of all sizes

We like to think of Managed Services (an advanced form of Outsourced IT) as being everything that, if you worked at a big company, your internal IT staff would do – and more.


We make sure that your IT systems meet the needs of your business, both today and in the future


We monitor your network, servers, and laptops / desktops to make sure they are running properly, and resolve problems as they occur

Vendor Management

We manage and communicate with your external vendors (we call that pesky ISP when the Internet connection goes down)

Minimize Risk

We make sure the risky areas of running a business are being looked after (are the backups running? Do we have AntiVirus protection? AntiSpam? Is our data safe?) and put into place plans to help mitigate those risks

Troubleshooting and Training

We fix problems that your staff are having with their computers, and help them be more effective by training them

Cost Reduction

We reduce costs for the company by standardizing on equipment, systems, and processes

Deploy New Systems

We design and deploy new systems and networks to meet the needs of your company

These are the basics of what an Internal IT department would do for your organization – however, many companies aren’t big enough to justify having a full-time IT person (or group) to manage their systems – this is where LightWire comes in. We provide the virtual IT team for your company.

Our diverse client base is illustrative of our ability to manage the technology systems for a broad variety of needs and sizes. Our philosophical approach to working with our clients is based on our background in ‘big corporate’ IT – in these environments, IT is a 24×7 operation, and one where streamlining those tasks that can be streamlined yields enormous benefits in efficiency (and reducing errors). We bring this approach to our clients by implementing standardization, documentation, monitoring systems, and other tools (like the ability to remotely access any computer, even when away from the office) to calm the typically chaotic and disorderly approach to IT that is standard for small businesses. The benefit to our clients is significantly reduced need for issues to be resolved, and a predictable environment in which to operate.