How does LightWire work?

For each of our clients, we follow a carefully prescribed process as a part of our taking over management of your systems. They can be thought of as a series of phases, loosely described below.

  • Phase 1: Initial Network Assessment and Documentation

    In Phase 1, a team from LightWire visits your office(s) and documents your systems – these systems include your networking equipment, connections to the outside world, servers, desktops, laptops, and other technology systems. The output from this process is a network assessment document that includes a network diagram, an inventory of your systems and equipment, a written evaluation of the health of your network, and a prioritized list of risk areas and recommended actions.

    LightWire provides this document to you as a part of the evaluation process – if you end up choosing not to use our services, it is a valuable set of documentation that you could use internally or provide to any other company that you choose to use. If you do choose to use LightWire’s services, then it provides a strong basis for our company to support you.

  • Phase 2: Initial Support Systems Rollout and Critical Issues Addressed

    After the contract is signed, LightWire will begin quickly implementing its support systems on your network and working with your team to understand the support processes:

    • how to communicate with LightWire’s support team
    • how our support systems work
    • how our monitoring systems work
    • how to manage our email anti-spam and anti-virus platform
    • what to expect with offsite support
    • and more!

    At the same time, LightWire will begin addressing critical system issues and working to resolve all of the priority issues identified during the initial network assessment. This phase illustrates a key benefit of LightWire’s approach for your company: it is in our best interest to invest as much time and energy as needed up front in order to minimize the number of issues you might face (and that we will need to resolve) in the future. Frequently, this phase of work will involve a period of intensive, on-site visits focusing on working on and with your servers, laptops, desktops, and other networking equipment.

  • Phase 3: Ongoing Monitoring, Network Maintenance, and Support

    LightWire transitions into Phase 3 once all critical issues and the primary task list have been addressed. For some companies, this transition may happen almost immediately (congratulations to them – they are in great shape!) – for others, it may take 1 to 2 weeks, or sometimes longer.

    Once transitioned to Phase 3, LightWire monitors your systems, supports your staff, and implements new systems and technologies for you.