Newton Managed IT Services

LightWire’s Outsourced IT Services are typically comprised of a number of standard capabilities:

  • Managed Network Services

    Leveraging LightWire’s Monitoring systems, we can remotely track the health metrics of all of the systems on your computer network. With our automated alerting mechanism, we can remotely diagnose and manage the systems for maximum uptime and reliability. We like to think of this as an automated staff member that is working 24×7, watching your systems for you.

  • Helpdesk Support

    Occasionally, problems do happen with computers. On those occasions when your staff (or your servers!) need help, LightWire provides direct assistance to your team. If we are onsite at your office, we go and help them. If we are away from your office, we can take control of your staff member’s computer and remotely troubleshoot with the user. By using our remote access technology, we are able to much more quickly diagnose the problem and get the user back under way. Our helpdesk platform supports automated helpdesk ticket generation and tracking, and reporting, which is useful for your management team to see what kind of issues are coming up on a repeated basis.

  • Systems design and implementation

    As your organization grows and changes, LightWire can continuously optimize your network and infrastructure design. If you open a new office, LightWire can design the new network and how it will connect into your existing systesm. If you acquire a new company, we can work with the IT staff of that organization to quickly assimilate their systems and data into yours.

In addition to our standard Outsourced IT services, LightWire offers an array of services that we have found to be valuable to small businesses. These services are largely implemented at and managed from our State Of The Art Datacenter.

LightWire’s Datacenter, located in a highly secured, ultra-modern facility, incorporates leading technology N+1 redundancy for Power, Security, Cooling, and data connectivity. Our Datacenter is equipped with battery and generator backup for power, biometric scanning for physical security, temperature and humidity sensors for optimal environmental conditions, and redundant data connectivity leveraging the first nationwide and international OC-192 (10 Gbps) backbone. Our Data Center services include:

  • Off-site Data Backup

    Leverage LightWire’s Datacenter for convenient offsite storage of your critical backup files – an excellent element in your disaster recovery plan, LightWire’s offsite backup platform stores your data, encrypted, in our data center. You can control the backup and restore process through a simple web interface.

  • Website / Application Hosting

    LightWire can host your website or other application on either a shared or dedicated server. Our hosting service includes website activity log analysis tools.

  • Anti-spam / Anti-virus Service

    If you have your own email system, take advantage of LightWire’s enterprise-class AntiSpam and AntiVirus system to cleanse your email before it enters your email system. Our service includes an unlimited number of email accounts and messages sent or received.

  • Email Hosting

    If you don’t want to run an email server from your office, take advantage of LightWire’s hosted groupware platform which offers Microsoft Exchange-like features at a fraction of the price. Alternatively, if you want to run your own email server, but don’t want to host it from your office, LightWire can place your server into its datacenter facility, and manage it for you. If you do want a hosted Microsoft Exchange platform, LightWire can provide you with Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 services.