NameWordstream, Inc.
LocationBoston, MA
IndustryInternet Services
Company Size140+
LightWire’s client WordStream is an Internet marketing software company in the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEM) industry. They provide long tail marketing tools for working with keywords, including keyword research, keyword grouping and keyword organization and other tools for automating the work involved with creating, managing and optimizing both paid and natural search marketing campaigns, for example, improving quality score on Google AdWords.

The founder of WordStream contacted LightWire based on his positive past experience with the company. LightWire was asked to implement a simple but robust network platform that would allow the company to grow into the systems for a period of time, but would not be overly complicated (or expensive!) for a startup organization.

Given these requirements, LightWire implemented a dual server VMWare ESX solution that allowed for redundancy of critical services running on seperate physical hardware. With these two physical servers, the company was able to very quickly deploy a full-scale, sophisticated Windows 2008 network that included redundant Windows 2008 domain controllers, a Windows 2008 file server, an Exchange 2007 server, and several other servers to manage network services.

Additionally, LightWire deployed a desktop and laptop image management system to rapidly deploy custom WordStream desktops to each user based on new Dell Optiplex and Latitude desktops and laptops.

Over time, this VMWare implementation has grown to support over 130 users, and is today based on a three server vSphere platform running on top of an iSCSI SAN. These back-end services support a network spanning multiple floors, managed WiFi services, VoIP calling via a SIP-trunk provider, and email that has been migrated to Office 365.

Technologies Used:
  • VMWare vSphere
  • LightWire Network Monitoring Platform
  • LightWire Anti-Spam Platform
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Office 365 hosted email
  • Managed Ruckus Wireless
  • VoIP Telephone Handsets
  • VoIP PBX
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Professional
  • Centralized Desktop & Laptop Image management
  • Centralized AntiVirus with Automated updates and reporting
  • Remote User VPN Access
Client Timeline:
2008 – Today