The Blackberry 10 is out – will it be enough to save Blackberry?

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After several delays, and a lot of media attention the BlackBerry 10 from RIM Blackberry is finally available, but will it be enough to save the former darling of mobile device computing?  For a long time Blackberries were the preference of business users around the world and even carried them into personal use devices, but after years of stagnant development, it may not be enough.  Most of the hardcore Blackberry owners I know, who for a long time really opposed Apple and Android devices have now switched, and love the eco systems they are a part of the way they used to love their Blackberry.  The device, from demos and pictures certainly looks solid and their licensing of Active Sync means that you no longer require software to access corporate email either through a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) or personal desktop software which was absolutely the right thing to do or these devices would be completely irrelevant.   I wonder, with iThings and Androids already dominating the market, and Windows Phone which is a very solid mobile device (I’m not sold on Windows 8 for computers yet but the phones are great) struggling to gain traction, is there enough room for Blackberry to survive?  Will you switch back to Blackberry, either personally or at work?