Recent ‘Microsoft’ Phishing Scam Surge

Warning: Microsoft Email Phishing Scam

LightWire’s clients have seen a remarkable increase in ‘Phishing’ emails, specifically email messages that appear to come from Microsoft.

These scam email messages are targeting companies that use Microsoft’s Office 365 platform, and are designed to look like an alert coming from Microsoft’s systems, requesting that the user reset a password, confirm that their account should not be de-activated, or some other action that would ultimately result in a user providing the scammer with account information.

Here are two samples of what these phishing email messages might look like:

Office 365 Phishing Scam Email Message

Example of a scam messages pretending to be from Microsoft Office 365


SharePoint Phishing Scam Email Message

Example of a fake email message pretending to be from Microsoft’s SharePoint Platform

Microsoft would not send out email messages like this – if you receive one and are not sure if it is real or fake, ask your IT professional to take a look – whatever you do, don’t just click on it and provide your account information!

One more reason your small business should have a technology partner – Microsoft Office 2013 licensing

Now that Microsoft Office 2013 is on the shelves at your local retailer, its important to understand the new licensing terms.  A retail copy of Microsoft Office 2013, the kind you would buy at your local BestBuy, Staples or even online at Amazon, is tied to a single physical computer.  This means that if at anytime you replace your computer (it fails, need something a little more speedy) you will have to buy a new copy of Microsoft Office.  In previous versions, this was not true as you could move the software from one device to another so long as you stayed within your licensing restrictions (depending on version).

For businesses, this can become extremely expensive as a typical version of Microsoft Office will typically be effective longer than the computer.  You can, however, purchase your Microsoft Office licenses through a partner and not be bound by this restriction with future computer upgrades.  LightWire, a Microsoft Solution Provider, can help you with your next Microsoft Office purchase as well as many other technology needs.  Contact us today at the form below or by calling Ian or Jon.